An antistatic agent is a compound used for treatment of materials or their surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity. An antistatic device is any device that reduces, dampens, or otherwise inhibits the buildup or discharge of static electricity, which can damage electrical . An easy-to-understand explanation of how anti-static coatings and similar products keep you safe by reducing static electricity and sparks.

Antistatmedel som effektivt förhindrar uppkomsten av statisk elektricitet. Minskar även dammsamling på behandlade ytor. ESD or static electricity can DESTROY your fancy new electronics. Antistatic definition, pertaining to a material or procedure that disperses, or inhibits the accumulation of, static charges on textiles, phonograph records, paper .

Jämför priser på Wella Sahira Anti-Static. Hitta bästa pris och läs omdömen – vi hjälper dig hitta rätt. ACL offers two types of coatings for static control: Staticide topicals decay static to a zero charge and are suitable for all types of materials.

Vi representerar Fraser Anti-Static och erbjuder ett kraftfullt sortiment med antistatutrustningar. AkzoNobel offers a broad range of Armostat antistatic additives to reduce or eliminate the buildup of static electricity on plastic materials. Fraser Anti Static are world leading specialist manufacturers of equipment solutions used to control static electricity in industry. BESTÄLLNINGSVARA Vänligen kontakta kundtjänst.

Ett EVA-material med anti-statfunktion, används precis som vanligt EVA. Alphacool Eisplateau Anti-static mat comes with both a ground wire clip and an anti-static wrist strap. Both straps are connected directly to the Alphacool . Dusty car interiors are never a pretty sight, and the fact is that if dust stays for too long on the . Anti-Static Surface Cleaner is a special degreaser designed for plastic and fiberglass parts.

Anti-Static Surface Cleaner also removes the static charge from raw . The Model 9anti-static bar incorporates an inductively coupled design that achieves powerful static neutralisation with completely shockproof operation.

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