With an inhaler and spacer, the medicine can be inhaled slowly when the user is ready. So, it’s possible for very young kids and even babies to receive their . Some kids who need asthma medicine start out using a nebulizer.

Others are given an inhaler with a spacer and face mask. Your child’s GP or asthma nurse should show you how to help your child use their inhaler and spacer. If you’re not sure you’re doing it properly, you can check . My month old has an awful cough and has been prescribed a baby ventolin thing to help her airways.

I am terrified that this virus might mean . Asthma – Atrovent inhaler prescribed for month old – anyone have. Can someone fill me in on the ‘brown inhaler’ thing please. Asthma Inhaler at months ol Delaney can do it!

How to give a young child an inhaler – Duration: 1:51. Give your child one puff from the inhaler. Wait 15–seconds, then give another one.

You can give them a maximum of puffs, waiting 15–30 . Learn more from WebMD about asthma treatments for children, including nebulizers, inhalers, and more.

A comprehensive guide to the Ventolin Inhaler for Babies. Hi, my month old was diagnosed with bronchiolitis about 1. Your baby may be given a drug (a reliever) to stop his asthma symptoms. Reliever inhalers are usually blue in colour.

Baby inhaler