Chisel hammer – long handle – for cutting and the removal of bitumen roof covering and light demolition. Shell Tixophalte is a ready-to-use bituminous compound that can be applied for a wide variety of jobs. Impact Boiler Burner (Standard) with 5m Hose and Regulator Kit .

Scrap’Air – Bituminous membranes removal kit. The powerful stripping device with patented anti-vibration-system. Bardoline is an attractive bituminous shingle tile strip, lightweight and easy to fix,. Onduline are looking forward to showing their innovative roofing kit concepts .

Esha DIY Kit contains bituminous waterproofing materials, accessories and application . Rock Mineral Kits: Get a rock, mineral, or fossil kit to learn more about Earth materials. The best way to learn about rocks is to have specimens available for . Eliminator Two-Coat Bridge Deck Waterproofing Kit. Gripset Betta 15L Bitumen Rubber Waterproofing Membrane. Protect your property from water damage with roofing felt from Homebase. Check out the wide variety of eaves filler, flat roof and shed roof felting.


Bituminous sealer for membrane and asphalt shingle components. In order to measure the internal angle of gyration the Angle Validation Kit (AVK), or what became the . Window Sampling – Soil Ground Investigation Kit is a site investigation tool that utilises portable equipment to drill small diameter boreholes. This unit standard is for drivers of vehicles that transport bulk bituminous liquids. Range may include but is not limited to – first aid kit, bitumen burns car fire . Home Resources Technical documents Bituminous joint sealing kit. Liner joint sealing kit fitting instructions.

Declines occurred in the production of both bituminous and anthracite . AASHTO-T2PAVEMENT COMPACTION OF BITUMINOUS AGGREGATE . Testing the compacting capability properties of foamed bituminous mixtures is. Each asphalt mixture manufactured using four different foaming kits has been . Dean-Stark, water in bituminous materials. Should you require asphalt trims, patching pot kits, base bitumen materials or any roofing accessories, we have supplies in stock, ready to dispatch on a next . An iron bar to dislodge small clumps of pre-coated chippings etc.

Direct shear test (LEUTNER) on the connection between bituminous strata, carried out on asphalt cylinder.

Bitumineuze kit