Combimate adds Combiphos to your water. This 1 safe food-grade natural material stops scale build-up on taps, boilers and appliances. CachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanHow does the Combimate limescale.

The installation and maintenance of the Combimate limescale prevention . Already own a Combimate limescale prevention device but have some . Limescale in hardwater damages boilers, showers, taps and appliances. Combimate will prevent limescale forming.

Installation video for the Cistermiser Combimate scale reducer. Limescale doesn’t just form on taps and shower heads. Limescale can form on any surface where water is. I’ve previously paid a heating engineer to install this product each year.

Very easy to do yourself and save some cash. Combimate dual-fit scale prevention system. The combimate Dual-fit is capable of dosing at two different.

Combi Mate is advertised as preventing limescale in hard water and soft water corrosion, but no independent reports of it being any good.