The Coolest Cooler blends drinks and music with a passion for quality. With more features and fun than any other, you’ll be looking for excuses to get outside . CachadLiknandeÖversätt den här sidanjuli 20- Ryan Grepper is raising funds for COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that’s Actually Cooler on Kickstarter!

CachadÖversätt den här sidanRyan Grepper is raising funds for COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that’s Actually Cooler on Kickstarter! The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as . Coolest Cooler promised everything you could want in a cooler but priced it too low on Kickstarter, and is now asking backers for more money. Multi-function Coolest cooler with built-in blender, speaker etc.

The Coolest Cooler uploaded a video months ago. The Coolest Cooler’s built-in blender doesn’t sound anything like that. The only cooler in the world with a Blender. The Coolest Cooler is a multi-function cooler created by Ryan Grepper that was initially funded by the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. A decidedly not chill development for 30Kickstarter backers of the Coolest Cooler: Coolest is now considering asking people who haven’t . Coolest, the company behind a popular Kickstarter-funded cooler, is now selling its product for $4on Amazon in an effort to raise enough . Coolest Cooler, the 2nd most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time, continues to struggle in its quest to deliver coolers to campaign backers.

Grepper sadly admitted the cost of creating the Coolest Cooler surpassed the price charged to backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Thousands of Coolest Cooler backers are still waiting for the music-playing, USB-enable accessory-holding cooler with an inboard blender. Despite its high price (and so-so blender), the Coolest Cooler ultimately succeeds in creating a one-stop shop for portable power, cold drinks . Coolest Cooler has burned all the way through its $million in funding, and is now searching for an investor to help bail them out.

Multi-function cooler with blender, bluetooth speaker, USB, bottle opener and more. Kickstarter Campaign 20Time magazine Innovation of the Year. Coolest Cooler-releasen har inte precis gått allt för bra. Gänget har haft problem med komponenter som inte levererats som de ska och de har ännu inte skickat .

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