Het grootste assortiment Grafiet tape vindt u bij ERIKS. This braided tape can be used as a nearly endless sealing tape to seal all flange forms and styles. Geschikt voor: stoom, heet water, koolwaterstoffen.

You can find the largest assortment Graphite Tape at ERIKS. Manufacturer of Graphite Tapes – Flexible Graphite Tapes, Graphite Tape, Knurling Graphite Tape and Adhesive and Non Adhesive Graphite Tape offered by . Grafex Crinkle-Tape is made up of Grafex Ribbon-Pack, which has a self-adhesive layer and a peelable backing film. FlänsMan is made of pure expanded graphite that is braided in tubular form and calendered into rectangular cross sections.

SLS and PDM offer high strength and optimal handling. Gee Graphite Tapes are produced in house using the latest CNC controlled slitting equipment, this gives consistently accurate tape widths from 3mm upwards .

High quality smooth graphite tape with adhesive backing. Used primarily as an indicator and spacer between glass tapered joints. Application: Styles 25and 25flexible graphite covers a broad range of sealing applications. Mersen’s graphite foil made from expanded graphite with applications in high temperature gasket.

This is an all graphite material containing no resins or inorganic fillers. It is available with or without a metal insertion, and in adhesive-back tape form. ERIKS heeft een pakket hoogwaardige grafiet platen van o. Elk met uitstekende technische eigenschappen. Goede bescherming tegen hete uitlaatdelen, welke ook de prestaties van de motor bevordert!

Keramische tape is een goede methode om de hete. LATTYgraf EAdhesive – Carbon graphite tape. Composition : Expanded graphite tape ADHESIVE.

This paper will describe a new form of graphite – GRAFOIL graphite tape, paper-. GRAFOIL is Union Carbide’s trade mark for graphite tape which is made up of. This specification covers one type of epoxy-resin-impregnated graphite fibers in the form of tape and sheet. History: Standar Publishe Revision, Status.

Graphite crinkle tapes are made from pure graphite with the addition of a corrosion inhibitor. Pure graphite tapes are patterned into a ribbon form with no .

Grafiet tape