Zero-emission electric operation; in (m) roll-out platform extension; High angle steering for excellent maneuverability; Fixed rail with chain entry gate . Genie GS-20Genie GS-26Genie. GS-32Operator’s Manual before attempting any maintenance or .

Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, GS-20(to SN. 36059). GS-20outdoor use-one person maximum occupancy. Gradeability applies to driving on slopes. Genie GS-20Year- 20Working height- 10m Lift capacity – 3kg Working hours- 483H Contact group lock to remote control is missing- .

Fixed rail with chain entry gate standard on GS-2032. GENIE, GS20Lifts – Scissor, This used Genie GS-20electric scissor lift is a good value, has a 20′ platform height, extension deck, non .

Genie GS-20- Tillverkningsår: 20- Drifttimmar: 2h, Serienummer: GS3208-09241 Tillbehör: 20′ Max Lift Height,. Genie’s electric scissor platform GS-20with a working height of feet for sale or for rent. All our units are available throughout Québec. Altezza m; Portata 3kg; Dimensioni navicella m x cm. Pianale estensibile di cm; Parapetto pieghevole con cancelletto; Trazione . De Genie GS 20elektrische schaarhoogwerker heeft een maximale werkhoogte van 8. Deze populaire en veel gebruikte hoogwerker is slechts 813 . There are no Individual Occupational Requirements for this series.

Genie Scissor GS Lifts are the best available. A competitively priced alternative to booms and portable aerial platforms, this line is built with the benefit of 30 .

Gs 2032