En heatpipe är ett slutet rör med vätska inuti. Trycket i röret är sådant att vätskan förångas vid lämplig temperatur (ofta strax över rumstemperatur) och röret kan . A heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that combines the principles of both thermal conductivity. Heat pipes contain no mechanical moving parts and typically require no maintenance, though non-condensable gases that diffuse through the . Wakefield-Vette heat pipes are available at Mouser and transfer heat with minimal temperature difference from one area to another or across a material. Heat pipes move heat to an area where the heat can be dissipated.

Heat pipes do not actually dissipate the heat and are therefore incorporated into many . Heat pipes are hollow metal pipes filled with a liquid coolant that moves heat by evaporating and condensing in an endless cycle. Heat pipes, passive heat transfer devices for thermal conductivity and thermal management from Thermacore. Related Case Studies Heat Pipes for Power Control Technical Design guidelines heatpipe design.

How heat pipes work when to use heat pipes. ATS Heat pipes transfer heat through their wick structures and embedded liquid. This enables them to have a very high heat flux transport capability which can . DME Heat Pipes are heat transfer devices specifically designed for optimal performance in plastic injection molds. Available in a variety of standard lengths and .