Our new layer Bula model is a hot tub hammock, or a hammock waterbed. NEW PRODUCT FEATURES: Spreader Tubes for easier setup and greater comfort. P1kxwA1SzCwLiknandejuni 20- Överfört av Benjamin FrederickIntroducing the Hydro Hammock.

How to Use The Hydro Hammock – Hammock Hot Tub. The Hydro Hammock, a versatile hot tub-hammock combo, just might be the most relaxing new invention we’ve ever seen. Alone, they’re just hammocks and hot tubs.

The Hydro Hammock is the hammock-hot tub hybrid of our dreams (except for the price).

The Hydro Hammock works as a Hammock, Hammock Hot Tub, Portable HotTub Liner for sand or snow, Hammock WaterBe Swinging Pool. Transform nearly any outdoor environment into your personal winter wonderland by taking in your surroundings inside of the hot tub hammock. The multi-purpose Hydro Hammock, launched on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter this month, operates both as a suspended hot tub or a . The internet is going crazy over this hammock that doubles as a hot tub.

Hydro Hammock is a portable, swinging hot tub.

So all-in-all you’re looking at about $2to realize the joys of your very own hot tub hammock. It might not be so relaxing if you’re worried . The video highlights how his water heating system can pull water from a garden hose, nearby lake or even the sea and warm it within a hot tub . So it only makes sense to combine the two. Crafted in Oregon using sealed synthetic high-tensile-strength fabric, the . The Hydro Hammock proves this by being a versatile hot tub hammock created by Benjamin H. Frederick and even comes with a portable heating system. Now these guys are taking the outdoor Hot Tub Bathtub concept up a notch with the HydroHammock, a hammock and hot tub in one!

Naturally, the combination of the two is also something that we love. The Hydro Hammock is a hammock, a hot tub, a hot . Ever been swinging back and forth lazily in a hammock and then wished you were soaking in a steamy hot tub instead? Well, now you can do both in this cool . You can now enjoy a dip in a hot tub wherever you may be with this crazy new hammock and hot tub combo.

The world’s first “hot tub hammock,” the hydro hammock, may be the most relaxing product ever invented. After all, hanging out in a hammock is a great way to . Meet The Hydro Hammock –which is just a fancy name for the genius invention that combines a hammock and a hot tub.

Hot tub hammock