Furniture retailer Ikea just announced plans to swap out wooden shipping pallets in favor of new lightweight cardboard pallets – and although . In 201 IKEA directed its more than 10global suppliers – spanning countries – to begin shipping to their distribution centers on cardboard pallets. Jeff and Karol Lamb have been around the OptiLedge for years.

Now it’s their time to take the plastic alternative to traditional wooden pallets to . This month a major change has happened within Ikea’s distribution network: the typical wooden pallet used to hold thousands of pounds of . IKEA is phasing out the use of wood pallets across its global operations. It is converting to the use of paper pallets and the Optiledge for a .

OptiLedge – created by IKEA to replace wood pallets. With millions in use it is sustainable, lightweight, adaptable, recyclable, waterproof ISPM exempt and . IKEA, the international furniture retailer giant, has developed plastic pallets to replace the traditional wooden pallets when shipping goods . In an attempt to slash costs and emissions, IKEA experiments with cardboard shipping pallets. But like some IKEA products, the single-use . By the end of FY1 all IKEA suppliers will have phased out wooden pallets and will instead use more sustainable alternatives like our recycled plastic loading .

Shop IKEA for slatted bed bases in all sizes and styles to match your bedroom. As Ikea uses some million pallets a year, if the experiment is a success it’s a good bet that other retail giants will take notice. Now, Swedish retailer Ikea is replacing wooden pallets with a paper variant that’s lighter, thinner, and—the company says—cheaper to use. Furniture retail giant Ikea recently announced they will no longer be using wooden pallets to transport goods, instead moving to the less widely . Swedish retailer of consumer goods and furniture – IKEA, gives up the wooden pallets in favor of disposable and recyclable pallets of paper. Paper pallets – specific circumstances sometimes lead to alternative solutions.

IKEA’s RD centre developed a solution based entirely . Costco is not the only major retailer to take a hard look at its pallet program. Last month, IKEA, the iconic Swedish home furnishings retailer, . Furniture retailer Ikea Group plans to ditch wood pallets for transporting goods to and from its stores in favor of paper-derived alternatives. IKEA Chooses Innovative OptiLedge Shipping Platforms Over Traditional Wooden Pallets.

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