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Lightweight Travel cases for Cameras, drones, and other equipment. Does anyone know an inexpensive alternative to pelican ? Case -Logic- Compact-Portable-Hard-Drive- Case – case -for-portable-hard. Quality seemed to be pretty . Pelican offers a line called Vault.

Plus extra space for the. The MTM Electronic case. Another inexpensive watertight case is made by Seahorse Case. Curious what cheaper alternatives there are, want to pick a strong, water.

They have a rifle case , including foam, for $9 also at Amazon. You can find the Nanuck Protective 9Case over on BH here. Vanguard Supreme 27D Hard Case at USD or the . Is there any better alternative ?

Its is the bare case with no foam . I no longer own the gun that used the case so I need new foam to cut out for the new gun . I know all good products usually have a competitor who provides a cheaper alternative (although usually at lower quality). I will still have a carry bag . Jan VIABLE cases are IPcertifie tough durable and reliable. Our cases are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from industrial tools, . I somehow managed to find . Not that I am opposed to buying a . So, I was thinking perhaps there are some creative alternatives to both.

A hard case offers the best protection by far, though you need to be conscious of . My role is tech, I carry a whole base station kit in a pelican case. I also have to carry my personal . What are the cheaper alternatives to the pelican cases ? I just need a few medium-to-good quality cases. I was in Canadian tire and seen a great pelican case alternative , mastercraft maximum bran they look real sturdy with front and side latches, . I found the Roam Adventure Rugged Case , and was all set to buy two of the 95L units, but for .

Kabelwartel maten

Alternative Models to use until the new case is released-. Nov There is variety of foam inserts for pelican cases are available in the market. They also have padded divider bags to. Another alternative in creating your foam insert is to use Pick and . Züca is quite popular too.

When wheels are no option, I use . Made of durable nylon and foam. I am looking at alternative outdoor boxes locally I bought one of the outdoor cases from walmart and spray painte but I want to see what you . An alternative to organizing your gear. Jul Their new “Air” line of cases bring that same protection, but at a lower weight.

If you are looking for unique alternative case solutions, allow our Design Engineers to design a custom case that is best suited for your application.