Lindner Recyclingtech produziert hochwertige Zerkleinerungsmaschinen und Schredder zur Aufbereitung von Ersatzbrennstoffen und Recycling von Abfällen. The distribution company Lindner America LLC represents all Lindner companies in the USA and Canada and consistently. The core activity of Lindner-Recyclingtech is in shredding technology – we have established a versatile range of products consisting of single-shaft shredders, .

Austrian recycling equipment manufacturer, Lindner Recyclingtech, has launched two new shredders aimed at the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) . The Lindner Jupiter is a strong, heavy-duty single shaft shredder that is mainly applied for shredding of non. The Antares model series from Lindner reSource gives you access to all advantages of innovative shredding.

Die Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH hat sich als DER Spezialist für Shredder und kompakte Aufbereitungssysteme für Ersatzbrennstoffe aus Haus-, Industrie- und . UPPSTART Sedan ett par månader tillbaka är Peters Skogsmaskinsförsäljning generalagent av mobila krossar från tyska Lindner Material Shredder i Sverige . A Urraco DK mobile shredder supplied by the Raleigh, North Carolina Lindner America office of Austria-based Lindner, with the instrumental . Together with another two new downstream systems, the Rafter Pre-washer and the Loop Dryer, it is part of the innovative plastics shredding . Lindner Resource are the specialists of shredding technology. Suitable for all shredders and plastic recycling machines. Providing enormous shredding power, Lindner’s universal Polaris single-shaft shredder has been developed specifically for the one-step . Lindner’s universal Polaris single-shaft shredder has been developed specifically for high-power, one-step processing of untreated household . The Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH as parent.

Komet 22- Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH and find where .

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