A motorized linear translation stage is a high precision positioning device used in industrial and scientific automated motion applications. CachadÖversätt den här sidanNewport offers an extensive selection of high quality linear translation stages and modular accessories to meet virtually any precision motion or adjustment . Aerotech manufactures the world’s most precise, durable, and reliable linear stage varieties, used in diverse and extreme motion control applications.

Linear and vertical stages, actuators, rotary devices, grippers, filter wheels, stepper motors, goniometers, gimbals, multi-axis systems and stand-alone controllers . Find great deals on eBay for Linear Stage in Electric Linear Actuators. Many of these stages can be ordered in multi-axis configurations, providing XY or XYZ translation. In addition to standard linear translation stages, we offer .

We offer a variety of linear stages, XY linear stages, and linear motion systems, and will configure custom solutions to fit your application. A linear stage or translation stage is a component of a precise motion system used to restrict an object to a single axis of motion. Translation Stages ideal for providing varying degrees of movement to mounted optical components for optical applications are available at Edmund Optics.

A motorized linear stage is a positioning device providing high precision linear motion with minimized runout. This behavior is critical to the success of industrial . PI offers miniature stages, small Linear Translation stages, stepper motor units and ultra-compact piezo motor positioners in different sizes and motion ranges. Thorlabs’ motorized stages include linear translation stages with up to 6mm of travel, motorized lab jacks for vertical translation, rotation mounts and stages, . Industrial applications in the production process such as laser processing benefit from the precise positioning accuracy of motorized positioning stages.

PI offers a wide range of linear positioning stages for any conceivable application.

OWIS positioning systems are the economic solution for applications, where simple but precise motion sequences have to be realized. Newmark System’s manufactures a wide selection of linear stages that utilize highly repeatable trajectory and ultra-precise positioning with longer travel and . The low-cost eTrack linear stages are designed for a variety of applications in research development, automation, and other industrial areas requiring quick . This low profile linear positioning stage is used for small incremental movements.

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