En diskdesinfektor som är enkel för användaren, här har Melag tänkt på allt: Aktiv torkning av instrumenten, inbyggt Hepa filter. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed. The MELAtherm is a washer disinfector complying with the EN 158European Standard.

It is ideally used in processing instruments by machine. Innovativ im Konzept – exzellent in der Ausstattung. Die Reinigung- und Desinfektion von Instrumenten mit einem Thermodesinfektor (RDG) vor der . Instrument protection through active drying.

These can appear on the display shortly after activating the MELAtherm or during a programme run. If a malfunction occurs during a programme run, the . Melag MELAtherm – A few years ago the need for a systemic solution for the complete instrument preparation in one step arose. Revolutionary MELAtherm underbench Washer Disinfector – fits under standard 600mm deep worktop. Frees up critical work surface area and there is no need . Autoclave Washer Disinfector MELAtherm – The MELAtherm is an instrument washer disinfector complying with the EN 158European Standard.

The MELAtherm is a washer disinfector. With compact external dimensions, the MELAtherm offers .

From the very beginning of development of the MELAtherm, Melag made sure that the various functions, features and additional conveniences did not lead to . With active drying and short operating times, the MELAtherm is a washer disinfector complying with the EN. The MELATherm is a design meets quality disinfector. From the beginning of development of the MELATherm, its features and functions are made more conv. Get a glance of what MELAtherm does with your contaminated instruments after you have closed the door. Ingen beskrivning finns tillgänglig för denna produkt.

Das Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsgerät (RDG) mit aktiver Trocknung und kurzen Betriebszeiten MELAtherm ist ein Reinigungs- und Desinfektionsgerät . Fleksibel og sikker desinfektion – med aktiv tørring. MELAtherm er opvaskemaskinen, der opfylder de nyeste krav til kvalitet, driftsikkerhed og dokumentation . Melag Melatherm DTA Thermodesinfektor mit Programmen und Digital-Anzeige mit aktiver Trocknung Thermische Desinfektion bei 93° mit Min. Tag: melag MELATherm washer disinfector.

Ceramic Filter Pack for Handpiece holders (for MelaTherm Disinfector Washer). If customer service is unable to setup the washer disinfector MELAtherm on the date agreed upon as planne because the requirements for installation on . Met actieve droging en korte bedrijfstijden is de MelaTherm het ideale desinfectie apparaat voor uw praktijk. Deze desinfector voldoet bovendien aan de . See Tweets about #melatherm on Twitter.

See what people are saying and join the conversation. Das Melag MELAtherm RDG ist bei der maschinellen Aufbereitung von Instrumenten ideal einsetzbar und kompakt in den Außenabmessungen. MELAtherm – jest w pełni automatyczną, kontrolowaną mikroprocesorowo myjnią – termodezynfektorem w dwóch wariantach: do zabudowy lub . Nowoczesne urządzenie czyszcząco-dezynfekujące, które umożliwia czyszczenie instrumentów oraz dezynfekcję na najwyższym poziomie.

Practice requirements are highly varied especially when the practice treatment room. MELAtherm without incurring any extra cost. Documentation is achieved either through connecting the MELAtherm directly to .