Metal marker

Metal marker

As a global leader with the largest range of industrial marking solutions, we have a marker for you. A huge range of Markers and Marker Pens for marking, drawing and writing on Metal. All types, all colours and all brands available.

Metal marker

Markers for metal, paint, and china come in a wide variety of colors and tip widths. Colors include standard white and black as well as eye-catching re blue,. An opaque marker that allows you to write on both light and dark paper and other surfaces; The metallic colors add elegance to any page; acid-free,.

Award Winning custom metal tags, nameplates, cable ties more.

The Nissan super fine metal marker is an unbreakable plastic tube filled with paint and features a precision stainless steel tip for precise very fine line marking. Artist Kevin Caron has tried a lot of different markers when working with. The Nissen Ball Point Metal Marker is able to mark on a variety of surfaces and is available in many sizes and colors in an unbreakable plastic bottle.

Century’s Metal Marker is a permanent marker with specialized ink for use on metal.

Its ink makes permanent and weather-proof markings on any metal surface. Paint is light-fast, weather and water resistant, and withstands many. Find great deals on eBay for Metal Paint Markers in High Quality Pens and Markers. Quick dry, water resistant oil based paint.

The SUPER MET-AL metal pro marker is designed for making fabrication marks prior to galvanizing. A versatile marker especially designed for use on a wide variety of metal and non-porous surfaces; Will mark on clean, dirty, greasy, or rusty surfaces; Applicator. Texpen Metal Markers – Ball Point Paint Marker. Easily makes sharply defined bright marks on any type of metal surface.

A tough and reliable performer, the Sharpie Pro Metal permanent marker can be used on most surfaces including corrugate, woo metal, foil, stone and leather,.