A British distiller has launched the world’s most expensive gin – with a 70cl bottle costing a staggering £00 four times more than the previous . Nolet’s Reserve is a mythical gin wrapped in a golden label. Inside is one of the most carefully distilled gins the .

The branding says it’s floral, most reviews say it’s all perfumey, but we just weren’t getting that. This San Francisco gin is distilled five times and has one of the most complex flavours of all the gins we tried. Surrey-based Silent Pool Distillers has created what is thought to be the world’s largest and most expensive bottle of gin, costing £000. Cambridge Distillery has launched what it claims to be the world’s most expensive gin at £0made from the “angel’s share” of its Japanese .

The latest batch of the world’s most expensive gin has gone on sale in time for Christmas, with an eye-watering price tag of £0for a 70cl . This is for the highest price an individual bottle of gin is sold for. This may be a one off purchase or a registered retail price. The world’s most expensive gin is called Watenshi and is made by British distiller Will Lowe in Cambridgeshire; creating a £2000-a-bottle .

To give you a sense of just how big this record-breaking bottle of gin really is, consider these facts: A regular bottle of gin is ¾ of a liter and a . Watenshi, the world’s most expensive gin, is being sold in Selfridges. The world’s priciest gin has gone on sale at Selfridges Birmingham, but . Spirit collectors and Gin drinkers can raise a toast to the world’s largest and most expensive bottle of Gin. UK based Silent Pool Distillers has launched the . Nolet’s Reserve Dry Gin Nolet’s Family Reserve Dry Gin is the godfather of all artisanal gins. At nearly $7a bottle, it’s consistently the most expensive gin in . The UK’s Cambridge Distillery has created what it claims is the “world’s most expensive gin”. Launching exclusively in Selfridges’ London . Most Expensive Gins in the World 20Most Expensive Gins in the World Most Expensive Gins Most.

Before going out for dinner (also in a POST restaurant) we decided to,have a gin tonic at the Papa Caesar Lounge on the first floor of the POST Hotel. Silent Pool Distillers, a distillery based in the UK, has created what could be the largest and most expensive bottle of gin in the world. I first heard about Nolet’s Reserve gin.

I heard about this legendary Dutch gin, wrapped in a golden label, protecting . Silent Pool’s nine-litre a little over 3ounces bottle of gin has gained the title as most expensive gin. The bottle hand-painted by artist Laura Barrett.

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