Niki Lauda vann formel 1-VM 19med Ferrari. Andreas Nikolaus Niki Lauda (born February 1949) is an Austrian former Formula One driver and a three-time FWorld Drivers’ Champion, winning in 1975 . Niki Lauda och James Hunt, rivaler på film men respekterade varandra både privat och på bana.

Bilden är för 197 Zolder i Limburg, Belgium. He bought his way into Formula One racing and very nearly paid for it with his life. Given up for dead after an appalling accident he recovered . Niki Lauda, Self: Die Zukunft hat Geburtstag – 1Jahre Automobil.

Born to a wealthy family in Vienna, Niki Lauda did not use the conventional methods of a . James Hunt and Niki Lauda before the 19Japanese Grand Prix. Hunt said afterwards: ‘I just wish we could have shared the championship. Niki Lauda became a three-time Formula champion in the 1970s and ’80s, overcoming a horrific crash and a lifelong rivalry with the U. The history of Grand Prix Racing through the lives of its greatest drivers, people and events. The Austrian was regarded as a no-mark when he bought his way into Formula with March after an average career in Fand F but some eye-catching .

Niki lauda