Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Cooling Fan with Heatsink For Northbridge Chipset. JET Computer Products offers innovative and attractive products from the PC Hardware sector, combined with a superb service, and a high motivation of . I take a look at the northbridge cooler from Xilence, because no one else has.

Passar PowerPC och för kylning av nordbryggschip. I intend to change the thermal compound under the northbridge heatsink (the big copper heatsing with the worIs a northbridge chipset cooler worth it? – Systemsinläggmar 2010Why would you add a fan to Northbridge? – Motherboardsinläggsep 2008Best Northbridge Cooler (air) – Overclockinginläggapr 2008chipset cooler? Jämför priser på Xilence Northbridge Cooler.

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I have been seeing a lot of users here investing (or considering investing in) aftermarket northbridge cooling. Var på Webhallen idag och köpte Zalman:s ZM-NB47J – Northbridge Cooler. Tänkte, nu jävlar ska det bli tyst på fläkten (A8N-E).

Borg HBC Heatpipe Northbridge Cooler – HFX för northbridge med monteringshål. What does a North Bridge chip cooling kit look like? Figure shows the contents of a typical Vantec Thermal Solutions cooling kit. AMD Northbridge Heatsinks – So I think the Northbridge heatsink on the AsRock Fatal1ty 990FX is junk and is causing other temps to be . I need a small yet quiet fan that moves air, not one of those 4cfm 40dba crap, for my Northbridge. The ZM-NBFdoes not need electrical power, for it is a fanless Northbridge cooler that operates without noise or vibration.

It cools the Northbridge chipset to its . Buy PC Memory Chipset Coolers from Corsair, Kingston, More at Newegg. We offer the best prices, fast shipping top-rated customer service. Many of us forget that one of those heat sources also comes from the Northbridge chipset. Like the CPU cooler, Northbridge coolers can also be passively . DE Teknik Zalman Fanless Northbridge cooler – Zalman Fanless Northbridge Cooler Information Zalman ZM-NBFär en passiv kylare för nordbryggan och . AMD 9series HOT northbridge owners club. Offers listing of Taiwan China Northbridge Coolers manufacturers, suppliers with explicit company profiles, product categories product images.

Akasa AK-2Chipset Cooler with Blue LED Fan. Black Chipset Heatsink – 10mm x 10mm x 10mm – 1pc (CSHS-10). Wholesale northbridge cooler from China northbridge cooler Wholesalers Directory. You can Online Wholesale northbridge heatsink,north bridge,nb cooler,cm . HAving extreme overheat issues around Northbridge (we think) on Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UDwith GeForce GTX 5Ti fitted in the PCi 16x #1 . The MCX1is Swiftech his latest air-cooled Northbridge cooler. It is available for both AMD and Intel motherboards and in this review I’m going to test it on the . Hello, Does anybody know of a northbridge cooler that is 1 for sure compatible with the ASRock 9extreme motherboard?

Microcool NorthPole Northbridge Cooler and Chipsinks. Find great deals on eBay for Northbridge Heatsink in Computer Memory and Chipset Cooling Fan. I’m looking for a Northbridge XChipset heatsink that’s compatible with my Intel DX58SO motherboard.

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