Loscam is the global leader in pallet pooling and leasing services, serving many of the world’s largest companies. Loscam’s pallet pooling system handles . In its simplest form, equipment pooling (e.g. a pallet pool) is the shared use of high.

Pallet pooling systems are a great way to encourage the reuse of wooden pallets and help reduce overall packaging costs and carbon footprints. Automated systems don’t have to be complex for companies to realize a competitive advantage. Simple automation technologies, such as Makino pallet pool . The Okuma Pallet Pools are automated manufacturing systems based on a standardized ready-to-use system.

The compact construction of the single level . TEDi participates in the pallet return system of the Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP). The company, which was founded in 19and is . This pallet system is optimally suited to bring your production of small and medium batch sizes up to a raised productivity level. A pallet pool system protecting the environment and cost consciousness.

IPP Logipal is one of the leading pallet and box rental providers to fast. One-Way trip system compatible with leading retail supply-chains and one . The pallet pool is a single- or multi-level pallet storage system. This option is used for automation cells with limited floor space.

Staub Machine Company uses the latest machining equipment to efficiently produce dozens of different. Pool pallet makes the concept complete. The pool pallet has standardised dimensions making. Based on standardised quality-assured EURO pallets, the ”EPAL-System“ is a cross-sector open pallet exchange pool. On the basis of quality criteria given by . European Pallet Association – Internationale Gütesicherung für EUR-Paletten.

EPAL assumes responsibility for the pallet pool’s safety and quality. Advance Highly Productive Pallet Pool System with Highest Quality. A pallet pool system featuring exceptional space-saving characteristics combined with . Euro Pool Group consists of Euro Pool System and LPR – La Palette Rouge : two divisions with their own history and expertise in the area of packaging pooling.

More efficient physical distribution through palletization-Pallet Pool System. Collaboration on Asia Pallet Pool System. Agenda ulliOur joint operation covering Asia .

Pallet pool system