Does anyone out there have any experience with hard cases that are a bit cheaper than a Pelican? I’m not nationally touring, so I don’t think I. In this quick video I look at a great alternative to a Pelican Case for knife storage.

Another inexpensive watertight case is made by Seahorse Case. These often are priced at of the cost of a similar size Pelican case. I plan to take 8xDorf and suitable case for that is Pelican 1650.

The disadvantage is, it’s too heavy – 16.

Pelican 12Case Alternative Size – x x 4. Pelican Case Alternative CaseCruzer KR1410-vs. Pelican 14Case Alternative Size – x x 6. I need a waterproof case for a DSLR with two lenses and some misc extras. I’m familiar with Pelican cases and might go that route.

Dont get me wrong, I LOVE the Pelican cases, I have quite a few of the smaller ones. I would like a hard case but it doesn’t have to be water proof. Does anyone know an inexpensive alternative to pelican?

Hi folks, This is more of a car carry item but I’m looking for a case to carry tile sample books (I’m in sales). Foam Padding Alternatives for a Pelican case – posted in Equipment: So I got this Pelican case almost a year ago (a massive 1650) to hold my . I know Pelican case are great but they come at a high cost. Is there a good alternative to Pelican? I have been looking around for a little while now, I would like a pelican case but can’t justify the cost.

I used to work for a company that did a lot . I’ve looked at some old threads for cheap alternatives to Pelican cases but they always seem exactly that – cheap! Case-Logic-Compact-Portable-Hard-Drive-Case-case-for-portable-hard. Found the perfect Pelican case for my DPV. Hey all, I was looking for a cheaper alternative to a Pelican case for general gear storage for the car and home and I ran across a plastic tool . Military Spec cases: These waterproof cases meet or exceed demanding military specifications. They’re great alternatives to Pelican cases.

I’m looking for a cheap alternative to a Pelican case. Before anyone suggests the only way to get quality is to buy the real deal, I’m looking for . I’m tired of shoving multiple cases into a range bag. Obviously Pelican cases are the gold standar but they are pricey and I’m cheap.

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