With the swiveling mixer Hercules the company RECK offers a powerful mixing ability for tractors up to 3Hp. Final disposals with maximum 5m height and. PTO Mixer; Mixer with hydraulic motor drive; Electric Slurry Mixer; Submersible mixer; Slatted Floor Mixer.

Practical for slurry towers up from 50m above the ground level. The PTO tower mixer Mammoth can be used from 50m to 0m high slurry towers. Das umfangreiche RECK Gülle-Rührwerk-Programm.

Güllemixer für Hochbehälter, Tiefbehälter.

The PTO mixers Typhoon are the robust ones with solid construction of frame, for open slurry pits and slurry lagoons. There are three different versions for. Das umfangreichste RECK Rührwerke-ProgramGüllemixer für verschiedene bauliche Gegebenheiten und Behälterformen, für verschiedene Tierarten und . Reck Slurry Stirrers – Tramspread provide a range of equipment including Mammoth Tower Mixers, Porco Torro Slatted Floor Mixers and Typhoon Rigid PTO.

RECK en SIM Holland hebben haar naam vooral te danken aan het gezamenlijk uitontwikkelde slalomsysteem. Dit slalomsysteem is nu de meest toegepaste . Mit dem Reck Spaltenmixer Gülle Problemstellen durch den Spaltenboden aufrühren ohne.

Reck mixer