Spiral heat exchanger

Spiral heat exchanger

Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers are the ultimate problem solver in extremely dirty and fouling process duties. The self-cleaning features inherent in the design,. Alfa Laval – spiral heat exchangers severe fouling. When it’s finally time for maintenance SHEs are considerably easier than shell-and-tubes to open and. Custom Air Coolers: Engineered Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers – Duration: 5:16.

A variety of spiral heat exchangers can be created by adding or taking away weld-seams and head arrangements. This versatility makes the spiral attractive to.

The spiral heat exchanger has a unique circular, single channel design that offers key advantages over multi-channel shell and tube or plate heat exchangers. Sondex Spiral Heat Exchangers are circular heat exchangers with two spiral channels, each in one closed chamber.

Hoppa till Spiral heat exchangers – Schematic drawing of a spiral heat exchanger. These are the Spiral Heat Exchangers (SHE), which may refer to a. Spiral Heat Exchanger has two concentric spiral channels, one for each fluid. The spiral channels provide optimum heat transfer and flow conditions for a wide. It is a popular misconception that Spiral Heat Exchangers are a recent development.

In fact, the Spiral concept was first proposed as long ago as the 19th.